Rooftop view : Palazzo Lombardia

If you are a well off fellow, you can easily decide to rent a helicopter and fly above Milano to experience a 360° tour. It will include all major buildings that make the new skyline a not to be missed event, Alp sightseeing from the distance but not so far away, sunrise, sunset and delivery […]
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Guido De Zan and the extraordinary beauty of ceramic

_20150227 0209
I have to admit. Since I started publishing for this blog, Milano has opened unexpected doors to extraordinary people and revealed outstanding places. It happened again, around the corner, one of the many Milano offers. A few metres off Corso di Porta Ticinese,a road always in a state of frenzy day and night, there is […]
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Maciachini Center : Milan is expanding

_ featured ima MAC 567 Maciachini Center_51
I love this city and all the unexpected that it gives away every day, for free, to all those who can use enough imagination and have spirit of adventure, or simply have a keen eye on uncommon details. If you want to see some very sharp differences and contrasts between present and past, in a […]
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Luigi Moretti : mid-rise in Corso Italia

Moretti Italia 20140124 1127
Today, contemporary architecture has almost no limits in matters of shapes and structures, but in the ‘50s experimentation was just dawning, and Italy was not exactly amongst the avant-garde Countries. Neverthelss economical boom of those years started the process that made Milano a high-rise city unique in Italy. Contrast between contemporary and ancient – Residential […]
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Via Canova, 7. Architectural tips around Milan

Milano is the perfect city for endless strolls that might take you by surprise. What makes my city out of the ordinary in Italy comes from a struggle. World War II bombings tore most of it down, but 50’s and 60’s economical boom gave a worth hint to reconstruction and a tangible trace of architectural […]
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Villa della Porta Bozzolo : fancy and sophsticated country life near Varese

Schermata 2015-01-22 alle 12.30.45
Villa della Porta Bozzolo is another FAI Property close to Milano. Another gem that makes one wish to spend endless time strolling around the country. The first structure of the Villa dates back XVI cen. During the XVIII cen. transformations on a large scale took place to celebrate owner Gian Angelo III della Porta’s wedding. […]
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Vegetarian, Vegan, Veg friendly – Food for all in Milano

Being a vegetarian or vegan in Milano can be tricky. Unless one can handle a few good tips and an adequate list of friendly venues. Considering the overall offer, veg-vegan-veg friendly places are not that many and not always easy to spot. Any Pizzeria, indian or middle eastern reastaurant will have a good selection of […]
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San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore: sister of the Sistine Chapel in Milan

S.Maurizio 028
Are you feeling cold and gloomy on a winter day? This is what happens to me every now and then between November and February, in Milano. The only way to escape this awful feeling is by getting an overdose of colours, beauty and disorientation. The last time this emotion overwhelmed me, it was around the […]
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A day off : Villa Panza di Biumo, Varese

If you fancy a day off, Villa Panza is one the best places one can visit from Milano with a short train journey. No matter the weather, the season, the mood. Its permanent collection or any temporary show scheduled will make the trip worth. The Villa is half of XVIII cen. U shape typical Baroc […]
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Velasca Shoes

Velasca 262
The other way round From the net down to earth. Put three young Milanese entrepreneurs together, choose one iconic landmark of their hometown such as the Torre Velasca for their Brand, get the skilled hands of italian craftsmen to give shape to leather and the result is simply first-class. Jacopo – Enrico – Ludovico : […]
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Mamma Oliva, more than just great pizza

The first time I had dinner at Mamma Oliva I thought I was in the wrong place. My pasta had something wrong, maybe the dressing was too oily or it could have been something in the salt. Indeed something went rough, but the fault was mine! I have to admit to myself that it was […]
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Gipsoteca Fumagalli & Dossi : the remains of a Classic treasure.

IMG_3440 David
Touring to Rome, Florence or any other Classical or Renaissence Italian city, everyone must have strongly craved to own a perfect copy of one of the statuary seen in the many Palazzi or archeological sites to bring home. Milano has not as much of this beauty to offer to a tourist, but as always my […]
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