ROSSOprezioso; ultra-glam, ultra-lightweight ‘Made in Italy’ jewellery

When Roberta Romoli, one of the co-founders of this jewellery brand, invited me to view the collection of ROSSOprezioso jewels at the flagship boutique in Milan’s Via Fiori Chiari, I had no idea that I was about to try on some of the most lightweight pieces I’ve ever worn – so light that it was […]
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These boots are made for walking…and super-styling!

It’s that time of the year when you have to lock up dainty sandals, and to prevent your toes from turning into ice blocks, update your boots collection for all-day comfort during the chilly months. That said, the gradual transition shouldn’t cramp your style because we’ve selected the best open-toe ankle booties, knee-high and thigh-high […]
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Boscolo Milano is simply out-of-this-world

The revolving red door of the Boscolo Milano had welcomed me on a previous occasion – a Fashion Week footwear event in the hotel’s Museum Hall – ‘a meeting place’ as Sales Manager, Carol Galuzzi describes it, where relationships thrive amidst an ever-changing, intimate environment. She was right. I returned to find the chilled-out space […]
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Larusmiani presents their Spring/Summer 2015 collection for the ‘Gypset’ gentleman

Are you a jet-set gent? Then let the Larusmiani Spring/Summer 2015 collection be an extension of your get-up-and-go personality. Inspired by the Miani family’s stylish albums of 50′s Hollywood glamour and living La Dolce Vita in The Eternal City, the casual elegance of this collection will complement your high-rolling lifestyle while you bounce from one […]
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A cruise through the Navigli – the best way to experience Leonardo’s canals

Naviglio Grande, Milan
If you mainly associate Leonardo Da Vinci to his world-famous artworks, The Mona Lisa and The last Supper, flying machines and anatomical studies, then here’s one more engineered marvel to appreciate; Milan’s Navigli District. Walk the length of the Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese, take photos from bridges and hop on a relaxing mini-cruise to truly explore and understand the waterways.   What’s […]
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48 Hours in Milan – A suggestive itinerary for first-time visitors

So much to see, so little time… Capture the essence of Milano with this 2-day itinerary. It lists must-see places and must-do activities to prove that beyond the ‘fashion capital’ reputation, this compact city has so much more to offer. First things first. Gear up with comfy designer shoes and shades to blend in with […]
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Business is a pleasure at The Westin Palace

Westin Palace, Milan
Only after I had checked in, did I realise that I stood out from the rest of the valued guests staying at the Westin Palace Hotel. Most of them were businessmen with briefcases in-hand huddled in small groups calculating their next moves or involved in serious telephone conversations to seal big deals. It didn’t take […]
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10 of your Expo Milan 2015 questions answered

1.       What is Expo 2015 all about? This is the Universal Exposition which takes place every five years, each time in a different country. Expo 2015 will take place in Milan from 1 May to 31 October, and Dubai will host it in 2020. Expo 2015 is themed “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” with […]
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8 Designer sunglasses to play ‘peek-a-boo’ in style

Prada Ornate sunglasses
If the eyes are the windows to the soul… An unspoken language of fleeting glances conveys so much to passers-by, but this summer, these designer sunglasses are stylish reasons to maintain an air of mystery, create intrigue and shield your emotions without having to lower your gaze. Invest in a pair with reflective tinted panes […]
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9 Picture-perfect reasons why Lake Como is a little piece of paradise

Lake Como, Italy
Playground of the rich and famous, Lago di Como is only 50km north of the fashion capital. Not just a pretty glacial lake, the mass of glistening water close to the Swiss border is surrounded by serene greenery and the most gorgeous little towns dotted along the edge. Grab your camera, hop on a train at […]
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Welcome to Pavia – The town of 100 towers

Enjoy a daytime getaway to Pavia, an antiquated town just a 20 minute train trip from Milan’s Centrale Stazione This enchanting town, 35km south of the fashion capital, casts my mind back to childhood fairytales with vivid images of Rapunzel’s long locks flowing from the tall, face-brick towers which sprout around every corner. Legend has […]
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Living the suite life in The Four Seasons

Sipping a coffee in the lobby at The Four Seasons Hotel, Milan
Fashion, frescoes, five stars and first class service. Chances are that you’re in Milan to shop until you drop or tour galleries and museums, but with a luxury suite at The Four Seasons Hotel’s prestigious address in the heart of the Quadrilatero Della Moda, there’s no reason why you can’t immerse yourself in both fashion […]
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