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Artistar Jewels Jewelry Show

Artistar Jewels in Milan
Artistar Jewels in Milan

Artistar Jewels Jewellery Show features contemporary Artistic Jewels by 144 international designers from more than 30 countries for a total number of 400 mostly unique creations. These are the figures for the annual Artistar Jewels event, an unmissable date for contemporary jewelry lovers. During February Fashion Week, in addition to others, Milan’s prestigious Palazzo Giureconsulti, located just steps from the Duomo, will host the extraordinary creations of several of the world’s most important names including Gillo Dorfles for San Lorenzo, GianCarlo Montebello and Philip Sajet. Artistar Jewels aims to promote and showcase creations – objects and jewelry – handcrafted by expert artists/artisans in limited edition or single piece versions. Elegant, simple, modern and sophisticated, these unique creations take the shape of rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and other accessories, that can be chosen and ordered directly online on the project’s website which focuses on highlighting the importance and exclusivity of jewelry as an expression of sought-after artistic experimentation.
Palazzo Giureconsulti
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External links: www.artistar.com

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