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Combo Milano

Combo: Integrated Hostel, Art Gallery and Restaurant

A cosmopolitan space Combo is a large house full of people, an integrated hostel, a tranquil retreat bursting with life, where you can meet friends,...
Panoramic Emotional Shower at Le Terme di Kyoto

The Best Panoramic Spas in Milan

A map of these venues followsIn Milan, the universe of urban wellness is interpreted in numerous different ways at the spas (known also with...
A barman at camparino in Galleria's Sala Spiritello

Photo Gallery: Inside the New Camparino in Galleria

Photo credits, courtesy (c) Camparino in Galleria
Leonardo da Vinci at Luci e Suoni nel cortile delle Armi light installation (c) Comune di Milano

Photo Gallery: Luci e Suoni nel cortile delle Armi, Video Mapping

Photo credits for all images (c) Comune di Milano

The Best Places for a Quick Gym Session in Milan

A map of these venues followsWhat to do if you happen to be in Milan and don't want to give up on your fitness...
Ducati Panigale V4S 2020 (c) Gminero - Where Milan

Innovations and New Models You Can't Miss at EICMA 2019

If you wish to learn more on EICMA 2019, check our article hereEicma 2019 reconfirms the interest of motorbike aficionados to the world of...
A 'cippo' at the Giardino dei Giusti di Tutto il Mondo

Giardino dei Giusti di Tutto il Mondo

A Garden against indifference First inaugurated in 2003 from a project by no-profit organisation Gariwo and then re-designed and enlarged in 2019 by Milanese architect...
The Mysterious Baths, photo credits (c) Andrea Cherchi

Bagni Misteriosi, Not Just a Swimming Pool

‘Bagni Misteriosi’ (The Mysterious Baths), is an evocatively named complex that is a part of the artistic and historic heritage of the city of...
A view of Iseo Lake, photo credits © Andrew Mayovskyy / Shutterstock.com

Lake Iseo, a Pleasing Discovery

A map of these venues followsDue to its physical appearance, Lake Iseo is affectionately referred to by the locals as ‘Little Capri’. Like the...