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Sforza Castle Museums

The Pusterla Urbica within the Sforza Castel Museum, photo credits BenedettaG under c.c 3.0 licence
The Pusterla Urbica within the Sforza Castel Museum, photo credits BenedettaG under c.c 3.0 licence
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Castello Sforzesco, Piazza Castello, Milano, MI, Italia

The Castle

Besides the stories upon stories depicting the dramatic history of Sforza Castle, it remains to be one of Milan’s most prized monuments. The building alone is well worth a visit, but housed within the walls of the Castello Sforzesco are  museums containing antique art, paintings, period furniture, sculptures and musical instruments making it a precious treasure trove of Milan history. While most of the rooms are accessible to the disabled, rooms 9, 10, 15, 23, 24 not accessible.


The Sforza Castle Museums

  • Museum Pietà Rondanini, containing the Rondanini Pieta by Michelangelo Buonarroti
  • Museum of Ancient Art (Roman remains, remains and pieces of Gothic Lombard architecture, sculptures in local Renaissance style
  • Furniture Museum
  • Picture Gallery (1,500 artworks by local artists and big names, including Canaletto, Mantegna, Bronzino, Lorenzo Lotto, Titian and many other painters)
  • Museum of Decorative Arts
  • Museum of Musical Instruments
  • Museum of Prehistory and Proto-history
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Achille Bertarelli – Prints Collection
  • Photographic Archive
  • Archaelogical and Numismatic Library
  • Trivulziana Library and City Historical Archive
  • Art Library
  •  Vinciana Collection (books, manuscripts, antique and modern collections, photos related to Leonardo da Vinci.
  • CASVA – Centre for High Studies in the Visual Arts


Opening days and hours: Tues-Sun 9am-5.30pm (admission until 5pm), closed on Mondays (holidays included).
Admission: full price ticket is 5€. Free admittance: every day after 4.30pm except Fri ; Fri 2pm-5.30pm; always free for children under 18.
NOTE: All the museums are in the Milan Tourist MuseumCard circuit
Piazza Castello
M1-M2 (red and green lines) Cadorna FN
M1 (red line) Cairoli
M2 (green line) Lanza
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