Food in Milan

Thanks to its vibrant cultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Milan is the ideal place in which to experiment the gastronomic wealth, not only of the Lombardy region but also of the whole of Northern Italy.
After reading our guide to eating out in Italy, you are ready to taste the Milan savours.


Milan is famed throughout the world for fashion and shopping but also for its renowned restaurants. The offer is vast and designed to satisfy all palates, i.e. not only those of the Milanese but also of the many visitors who wish to savour Italian cuisine, known for its unique, unparalleled flavours. Where Milan has made a list of the finest restaurants for you, to offer you the best on the Milanese dining scene:

Brunch and Sunday Brunch

A new trend in Milan is going for a Sunday brunch in the most chic restaurants of the city, including restaurants of five star hotels. Here is our selection of the best places for your late morning brunch.

Savory and Sweet Snacks

After your walking and shopping, you might want a quick snack.
For those with a sweet tooth Milan is a real temple of taste. Whether you’re looking to purchase, taste or give as a gift, gourmands in search of culinary variety will be spoilt for choice! You will find chocolates or sweet pastries on sale in one of the many “pasticceria” or “cioccolateria” in the City, while savoury snacks can be tasted in any of the City’s bars or lounge bars .


Italian “gelato” is an institution. Despite the homonymy, this mouth watering treat has very little in common with other types of “ice cream” known throughout the world. It is richer in natural sugarsand contains fewer saturated fats. In fact, the cooling process used to make Italian “gelato” is not only quicker but also contains less air. This not only makes it thicker and more creamy but also enhances it taste, giving it a more genuine flavour. Though eaten year-round, in Italy, the height of the ice-cream season runs from May to September. You can either eat it while strolling along the street in the “cone” or “cup” version or while sitting comfortably at a table. Although most restaurants offer “gelato” as a dessert at the end of a meal, the best place to really indulge yourselves is at a classic gelateria.

Shopping for Food!

To purchase top-rate vintages or highly sought-after products, we suggest you some “must-visit” locations.