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Every season Milan offers attractions for all tastes, for those who want to be in touch with nature or those who’d like to enjoy the city from new points of view. Discover a selection of the most important experiences that Milan has to offer: from the ritual of the aperitivo to trendy clubs, from temples of music to trips out of town.

ATMosfera tram in Milan

ATMosfera Tram Restaurant in Milan

ATMosfera are characteristic restaurant trams available in Milan for visiting the most beautiful places in the city during an exclusive lunch or dinner.
The view from the Duomo terraces, photo credits © Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo

The Majestic Rooftop Terraces of the Duomo

The Duomo Terraces are an ideal destination for lovers of photography. Dominating the top of the city, they offer a breathtaking view over the Milanese skyline.
Naviglio by Shutterstock

Milan is the Home of the Aperitivo and Happy-Hour

Aperitivo and Happy Hour in the city are most definitely a ritual which no Milanese is prepared to forego.
Hard Rock Cafe Milan

Hard Rock Cafe Milan, a Mix of Sound, Shopping, Tasting

After Rome, Florence, Venice and Verona, the Hard Rock Cafe has landed in the centre of Milan as a mix of shopping and authentic American cuisine.
Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano

Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano, A Year of Music for Life

This year the Auditorium di Milano presents itself as a bridge to the sciences, the arts, cultures near and far, to contemporaneity and history.
GUD Bocconi

GUD Bocconi, the University Café with a New Plant-Based Taste

The ascent to the panoramic tower is a unique experience that offers a spectacular view over the city of Milan.
Bagni Misteriosi. Ph. Andrea Cherchi

Bagni Misteriosi, Not Just a Swimming Pool

If you want to cool down and escape the Milanese heat, you should head to Bagni Misteriosi, a beautifully-restored former 1930s lido.
Torre Branca panorama ©Ph. Alessandra Finzi

Above the Sky of Milan With the Panoramic Torre Branca

The ascent to the panoramic tower is a unique experience that offers a spectacular view over the city of Milan.

Parenti Bistrot by GūD, New Bar and Restaurant at the Theatre

Parenti Bistrot by GūD is a new meeting place before and after theatre performances at Teatro Franco Parenti, in the foyer and in the...
Eataly at Cinema Anteo

Eataly at Cinema Anteo, A New Experience of Cinema and Food

A unique entertainment experience in Italy, offering the opportunity to watch a movie while enjoying great food and drink.
Train&Bike by Trenord

Train&Bike, a New Formula by Trenord

This new formula by Trenord allows for dedicated discounts for bicycle and e-Bike rentals in some of the most beautiful locations in Lombardy.
Hot air balloon by Aeronord Aerostati

Hot-Air Balloon Rides near Milan

A hot air balloon ride is an experience that should be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime.
Dialogo nel Buio in Milan

Dialogo nel Buio: a Journey to Discover a New Sensory Dimension

“Dialogo nel Buio” (literally “Dialogue in the Dark”) is a unique experience that invites visitors to explore the environment in the total absence of...
Aero Gravity Milan

Aero Gravity. A Unique Flying Experience in Italy

The Aero Gravity vertical wind tunnel is a totally avant-garde skydiving indoor installation, just a few kilometres from the central Milan.