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Acquaworld, Fun and Wellbeing Near Milan

Acquaworld lagoon
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Via Giorgio la Pira, 16, Concorezzo, MB, Italia
+39 039 611541

Acquaworld is the first large indoor water fun and wellness park, open all year round, where fun is guaranteed for adults and children.
The whirlpool areas and the “Storm Cave” are back to welcome visitors, as are the “Lagoon” area and the “Wellness Pool”, outdoors, open in winter too with heated water and whirlpool. The Fun area offers endless entertainment, with 1,100 metres of state-of-the-art, floodlit water slides inside, waves as high as the sea, a large wave pool, the rapid river, Calidarium and Frigidarium and an area designed for the enjoyment of the little ones.
The park welcomes visitors in total safety and in compliance with all anti-Covid rules.

Acquaworld sauna
Acquaworld lagoon