Hard Rock Cafe Milan

Hard Rock Cafe Milan, a Mix of Sound, Shopping, Tasting

After Rome, Florence, Venice and Verona, the Hard Rock Cafe has landed in the centre of Milan as a mix of shopping and authentic American cuisine.

Parenti Bistrot by GūD, New Bar and Restaurant at the Theatre

Parenti Bistrot by GūD is a new meeting place before and after theatre performances at Teatro Franco Parenti, in the foyer and in the...
Marea Seafood&Beverage Cocktails Bloody Marea e Erba Volant

Marea, All the Flavours of the Sea

In the shadow of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, this is a port for taste explorers offering an aesthetic and sensory experience inspired by the sea, its colours and flavours. 
LGBT friendly aperitivo, Rainbow Glass by Rises-from-Ashes on DeviantArt

Milanese Aperitivo

The Aperitivo, the beloved Milanese tradition of pre-dinner drinks, is accompanied by complimentary stuzzichini (finger food) and an all-you-can eat buffet. Spreads range from traditional...