Beauty and Ugliness in the Renaissance: Nature and Artifice

Scuola di Anversa, The World Feeds Many Fools, Muller Antiques, Belgium. Ph. © Peter Willems


25 Feb, 2023 - 25 Jun, 2023


10:00 am - 7:30 pm

Palazzo Reale


About the exhibition

The “Beauty and Ugliness in the Renaissance” is a fascinating and twisted journey into an unconventional Renaissance. Ever since classical antiquity, the Beauty/Ugliness relation presents itself as an inseparable paradigmatic link: a universal concept, the formal and taste variations of which are determined by the different ages and cultures. During the 16th century, as the link to conformity that Art has with Nature loosens, a radical change takes place with respect to the very way in which Beauty is interpreted: it becomes “unique”, whereas Ugliness assumes a relevant and protean role.

Tickets and Information

The exhibition is hosted at Palazzo Reale Milano.