Chinese New Year 2020 in Milan – Via Paolo Sarpi

by Giulia Minero
The dragon parade at the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations


24 Jan, 2020 - 8 Feb, 2020


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Milan Chinatown - Via Paolo Sarpi


About the Chinese New Year

Chinese do not celebrate New year on 1 January as their traditional celebrations are held on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, or Chinese Spring Festival, falling every year between late January and mid-February. In 2020 the new year is on 25 January 2019, though as a tradition, celebrations start on 24 January. The 7 days that follow the New Year day are a public holiday in China, as it’s Spring Festival. Each year is dedicated to a ritual animal following the Chinese calendar and  2020 is set to be the year of the Mouse.

Chinese New Year in Milan

In Milan, the beating heart of the celebrations is in Via Paolo Sarpi and its neighborhood, as this area is one of the two widest Chinatowns of Italy (the other is in Prato, Tuscany).

After a preparation period, the culmination moment is at the end of festivities, when in Milan, like in China, spectators have the chance to attend a Golden Dragon Parade, the Chinese lion dance and a final masked parade. The parade usually hapens on Sunday and the starting point is from the end of Via Paolo Sarpi (Piazza Gramsci) at 2 pm and celebrations usually last until 8 pm.

In the Chinese culture, the fifteenth day of the New Year is celebrated with the Lantern Festival, which marks the traditional end of the Spring Festival. The traditional Lantern Festival is held on 8 February, with the release of sky lanterns at the end of the day – in the past, it was sometimes organized by locals living in the district of Milan Chinatown.

新年快乐 / 新年快樂! (Happy New year!)


Milan’s Municipality has announced that, conversely from what was previously communicated, the traditional parade in via Paolo Sarpi set to be held on 2 February has been cancelled.  This, as an act of respect towards China and its citizens who did not have the chance to fully celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 because of the damages and deaths conncected to the strike of Coronavirus. All funds and sponsorships will be donated to support the population in the Chinese region of Wuhan.

Food initiatives

Chinese New Year is also synonymous with good food. Following a now well-established tradition, Chinese restaurant Bon Wei celebrated the advent of the year of the mouse with a special 10-course tasting menu conceived by chef  Zhang Guoqing, paired with a selection of wines by Cuzziol GrandiVini. From 24 January to 9 February, guests to the restaurant can enjoy special dishes that pay tribute to the Chinese contemporary cuisine featuring nourishing soups, rice-based specialities, dim sum, fish dishes and the chef’s signature Zhejiang-style lamian, handmade noodles with cod, and other delicacies. The tasting menu is available for a minimum of two guests, reservation advised.

>> For info and reservations www.bon-wei.it

Special shopping promotions

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, it is quite common that outlets near Milan and department stores in the city organise special initiatives, promotions and extra discounts dedicated to Chinese guests shopping in the featured stores and boutiques.
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All events for the Chinese New Year are free of charge and are held at Milan’s Chinatown.

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