Concert: ‘From New York to the Middle East’, Great Opening for ‘Aperitivo in Concerto’

by Giulia Minero


8 Nov, 2015


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Triennale di Milano



‘From New York to the Middle East’ is the opening session of this year’s Aperitivo in Concerto. For the first time in Italy, Israeli singer Ravid Kahalani leads the famous Yemen Group on an interesting musical meld of contemporary Israeli culture, Oriental melodies, African Rythms, inspiration from the Caribbeans, jazz and funk. A brand-new way of connecting cultures and build up a dialogue between them and their traditions, to give birth to a powerful message of brotherhood. Roei Harmon on the trumpet, Gershon Wiserfirer on the trombone, Brian Marsella on the keyboard, Shanir Blumenkranz on the electric guitar, Itamar Doari and Rony Iwryn on the percussions are just some of the various artists gathered in the Yemen Blues Group, supported by Ravid Kahalani’s powerful voice.


For info and reservations call T: 800 914350 (for Italian guests) or T: +39 02 763690681 or on ticketone.it

www.aperitivoinconcerto.com (only in Italian language)

[Photo Credits: Jane Higgins]