Culture: St.Andrew’s Night 2019

by Giulia Minero
The traditional Scottish celebration St. Andrew’s Night


30 Nov, 2019


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About St.Andrew's Night

Held yearly every 30 November and celebrated all around the world, Saint Andrew’s Day is an official flag day in Scotland and is officially considered part of bank holidays. This event conjures up both secular and religious traditions to celebrate the Saint patron of Scotland. On this day Scots are used to celebrating with traditional Scottish food, music and dance.

St.Andrew’s Day in Milan

St.Andrew’s Night celebrations are organised in Milan thanks to Casa Scozia Milan Scottish Community, which organises traditional Scottish events out of Scotland with the support of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy. The home of Scottish Culture in Italy, Casa Scozia is an association supporting Scottish initiatives or events involving Italy; from Scottish country dance lessons, Tartan night, Whiskey day to St. Andrew’s Dinner Dance.

Tickets and Information

>> If you wish to join the St. Andrew’s Night 2018 in Milan, please contact Casa Scozia

Official Website: www.casascozia.org