Exhibition: ‘Renato Guttuso in Varese’

by Giulia Minero
Spes contra Spem, 1982. Oil on canvas cm 300 x 350. Copyright (C) Fondazione Francesco Pellin


15 May, 2019 - 6 Jan, 2020


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


About the exhibition

For the first time, the city of Varese pays tribute to the artistic production of the Italian painter Renato Guttuso with the exhibition ‘Renato Guttuso in Varese’, featuring 25 paintings by the artist in the evocative backdrop of the 18th-century Villa Mirabello. The works on exhibit, which are part of the Pellin collection, are divided into nine sections and enable visitors to discover the artist’s poetics.

The works on disply

Retracing the history and stylistic evolution of the artist, the masterpieces on display cover different themes and subjects, spanning from still life with “Natura morta. Barattoli del 1966”, up to self-portraits “L’Atelier” and paintings created to celebrate historical happenings such as the slaughter in Bologna in 1980 “Il sonno della ragione genera mostri“. The exhibition culminates with one of Guttuso’s masterpieces “Spes contra spem” considered the epitome of the artist’s production and his historical heritage.


Tickets and Information

Full ticket: 5 euro
Reuced ticket:3 euro

Special combined tickets allow access to this exhibition and the display by Sean Scully at Villa Panza.

Villa Mirabello
Piazza Motta 4
city of Varese [roughly 60km from Milan]

For additional information, please check www.comune.varese.it (in Italian only)