Exhibition: ‘When Japan Discovered Italy’

by Giulia Minero
A horse's harmour by a Japanese manufacture of the EDO period (1603-1868). (c) MUDEC - Museo delle Culture


1 Oct, 2019 - 2 Feb, 2020


9:30 am - 7:30 pm

MUDEC - Museo delle Culture


About the exhibition

As part of a wider project focusing on Orient, MUDEC has renewed its permanent collection with new additions to analyse and illustrate the historical relationship between Italy and Japan. The collection has now been divided into two core sections reflecting two different historical periods. The first, aptly named “Ito Mancio and the Japanese embassies 1587-1615” analyses the curiosity of the western countries towards Japan, mainly expresse by the desire of mapping its territory through the cartography of that time. The latter, defined as “A Japanese museum in Lombardy. The collection of Count Giovanni Battista Lucini Passalacqua” is focused on the re-opening of Japan towards the countries of the West in the second half of the 19th century.

Into more details

Starting from the first travels from European conqueror to the Far East, up to the period of the second Japanese embassy in Italy in 1615, the first part of the exhibition focuses on the contacts and influences between the two countries before the closing of Japan’s harbours towards the ouer countries up to the “sakoku”, the policy of isolation. After the re-opening of the contacts between the two countries in the late 1850s, Japanese artefacts, goods and works of art started populating the livingrooms, museums and private collections of European and Italian collectors and art lovers. One such example is Giovanni Battista Lucini Passalacqua, to whose collection of silk and handmade goods is dedicated the second part of the exhibition.


Tickets and Information

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