Exhibition: “Who the Bær” by Simon Fujiwara

Who the Bær. Simon Fujiwara. Photo Credits (c) Andrea Rossetti
Who the Bær. Simon Fujiwara. Photo Credits (c) Andrea Rossetti


29 Apr, 2021 - 27 Set, 2021


10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Exhibition Space Fondazione Prada


About the project

The spaces of the Podium at Milan’s Fondazione Prada serve as the ideal background to the site-specific project “Who the Bær“, conceived by the British artist Simon Fujiwara.
Through a story made of drawings, collages, sculptures and animations, the artist introduces the world of Who the Bær, a cartoon character who inhabits a universe created by the artist. Based on the theme of freedom and diversity, Who the Bær – or simply ‘Who’ – is a bear without a pre-defined gender or personality.
The protagonist does not have a history, a defined gender or even sexuality, as it only knows that it is an image and tries to define itself in a world of other images.

Into more details

The adventures of Who the Bær are presented at the Fondazione Prada in a large labyrinth made almost entirely of cardboard, recyclable materials and hand-crafted elements, allowing visitors to become witnesses to Who’s perennial search for an authentic self.
Using a symbolic language and a fictional character, Fujiwara conceived the exhibition to tell the public about his training path studded with numerous happy or traumatic events, analysed through different thematic focuses.

Tickets and Information

Open Thurs-Sun 10am-7pm.

Online reservation is compulsory.

Tickets are available online at the official website. Full ticket: 15 euro.

For additional information, please check www.fondazioneprada.org

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