Ferdinando Scianna: Viaggio Racconto Memoria

Parigi (1989) © Ferdinando Scianna


22 Mar, 2022 - 5 Jun, 2022


10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Palazzo Reale

About the exhibition

With more than 200 black and white photographs printed in different formats, the exhibition “Ferdinando Scianna. Journey, Tale, Memory” embraces the entire career of the great Sicilian photographer and develops along a complex narrative path. Wars and weddings, fashion and feelings, people and communities: his eye fixes images forever that become part of our memory the very moment they are taken.
A special section is dedicated to the writer Leonardo Sciascia, his mentor and admirer. This encounter led to their first collaboration: “Religious Feasts in Sicily” (1965) with photos by Scianna and texts by the Sicilian writer.
Another section, ‘Bibliography’, presents a selection of Scianna’s books.
Palazzo Reale pays homage to the history of Scianna as an artist with an exhibition spanning fifty years, in which everyone can recognise a piece of his life, or discover unknown universes: a journey-anthology in beauty.

From the words of Ferdinando Scianna

“As a photographer, I consider myself a reporter. As a reporter, my fundamental reference is that of my master par excellence, Henri Cartier-Bresson, for whom the photographer must aspire to be an invisible witness, who never intervenes to modify the world and the moments he reads and interprets of reality. I have always made a clear distinction between found and constructed images. I have always considered that I belong to the side of photographers who find images, those that tell and tell you, as in a mirror. Even fashion photographs I have always found in the hazard of encounters with the world”.(Ferdinando Scianna)

Tickets and Information

The exhibition is hosted at Palazzo Reale.
Open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am-7.30pm; Thursday 10am-10.30pm.

Full ticket: 16 euro
Reduced ticket: 14 euro

For additional information, please check www.palazzorealemilano.it  
and www.sciannamilano.it