Festival: Celebrating Leonardo da Vinci, at the Castle

by Giulia Minero
A detail of the Sala delle Asse


2 May, 2019 - 12 Jan, 2020


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Castello Sforzesco

About the festival

2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the death of the great Maestro Leonardo da Vinci, with widespread celebrations in the whole of Italy. Milan – a city that has hosted and sponsored the artist several times between 1482 and 1512, at the apex of the artist’s career – joins the celebrations by participating to the ‘Milano e Leonardo’ festival, located between the Sforza Castle – where Leonardo lived – and various other locations.

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The initiatives at the Sforza Castle

From 2 May 2019

Location:  Sala delle Asse at the Sforza Castle

The hall- decorated by Leonardo da Vinci – is opened once again to the wider public. Visitors to this hall can now admire for the first time ever the preparatory sketches, as well as portions of a marvellous drawing emerging from the walls after an important restoration work. Landscapes, branches and leaves change the perception of the hall. A multimedia installation highlights the paintings on the ceiling – still not visible to human eyes – to show the impact that the studies on nature and landscape have had on Leonardo’s figurative art.

From 16 May to 18 August 2019

Exhibition “Leonardo e la Sala delle Asse tra Natura, Arte e Scienza”

Location: The Cappella Ducale, within the Sforza Castle

The exhibition highlights the stylistic and iconographic relations between the decorations of the Sala delle Asse and the figurative culture of other Tuscan, French and Milanese artists. A selection of original drawings by Leonardo da Vinci and his pupils, as well as other artists of the Renaissance, all important loans from Italian and international institutions, play the role of absolute protagonists.

From 2 May 2019 to 2 January 2020

Location: Sala delle Armi, Castello Sforzesco

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies visitors can discover the features of Milan at the times of Leonardo, as a starting point to explore the city at present days.

Tickets and Information

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