Food: Alba Truffle Fair 2019 [roughly 150km from Milan]

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Alba International Truffle Fair 2019


5 Oct, 2019 - 24 Nov, 2019


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About the fair

As a well-established tradition, the city of Alba (in Piedmont) hosts once again Alba’s International White Truffle Fair, a key event on the tourist/culinary calendar of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato now celebrating its 89th edition. The theme of this edition is ‘Equilibrio Perfetto’ (Perfect Balance) between eggs and white Alba truffles. The main draw of the fair is the Mercato Mondiale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba (Alba White Truffle Market) where, on Saturdays and Sundays, visitors can purchase this precious tuber whose authenticity is guaranteed by the National Truffle Study Center. The market is a unique place where, in addition to purchasing certified truffles, you can learn all about the ‘trifulau’, truffle hunters, whose world consists of earth, patience, dedication and total affinity with their dogs.
In addition to the above, one of the events most eagerly awaited by visitors is the Alba Truffle Show, an event dedicated to cooking demos, the sensory analysis of truffles, wine tasting experiences and Foodie Moments, featuring different interpretations of Alba’s white truffle by starred Italian chefs. To celebrate the egg, the key ingredient of traditional dishes, one of the innovations of this 89th edition is the Atelier of fresh pasta. Four dates, starring two masters of the art, to learn the secrets of dishes like tajarin and agnolotti al plin, paired with the white Alba truffle.


Piazza Risorgimento is transformed into a ‘Salotto dei Gusti e dei Profumi’, a permanent exhibition that pays tribute to the finest culinary offerings of Piedmont and Italy with tastings and educational workshops. The marriage between gastronomy, art, music and design is translated into numerous fringe events including the Donkey Palio and the entertaining Borough Bacchanal. During the fair, medieval traditions become unmissable events and even children have a chance to have fun at the Alba Truffle Bimbi pavilion. Under the guidance of expert educators, children can participate in activities, workshops and games. A place where they can learn about nature, the environment, cooking and traditions. From 18 November to 5 December, the Church of San Domenico will host ‘Leonardo da Vinci: the Genius’, an exhibition of the ‘Tavola Lucana’ attributed to da Vinci 500 years after his death. From art, we move onto literature with a must-attend event featuring Japanese writer Haruki Murakami on 11 October. Last but not least, the fair will feature the ‘Classica’ event. From 6 October to 24 November, the Church of San Giuseppe will host Sunday morning concerts dedicated to the best of classical music. On 12 October, MilleunanotaJazz&Co, Alba’s autumn festival, will kick off with four dates dedicated to jazz and contemporary music.


Tickets and Information

For additional information on the event, plese check www.fieradeltartufo.org

City of Alba
region of Piedmont – roughly 150km from Milan