Food: Identità Golose 2020

by Giulia Minero
Identità Golose 2020


3 Jul, 2020 - 5 Jul, 2020


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MiCo Milano - Milano Congressi


About Identità Golose

Now on its 16th edition, Identità Golose is an international congress based on the theme of top cuisine gathering more than 100 worldwide-renowned chefs. Based on the main focus of exploring the new horizons of cuisine, spanning from the research of the ingredients to new cooking techniques, as well as to reflect of the future of the culinary art, Identità Golose revolves around different core themes. The event features a series of events-within-the-event which include showcookings, presentations, talks and conferences.


Tickets and Information

For all information on the event, please check www.identitagolose.com