Valentine’s Day 2023 in Milan

Valentine's day in Milan


14 Feb, 2023


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About the event

Every year, Milan offers many opportunities to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, ‘San Valentino‘ (the Italian name for Valentine’s Day), which is celebrated worldwide on 14 February. Whether it is a special restaurant, a romantic place to watch the sunset or exclusive offers for a luxury stay, in Milan and more generally in Italy, in addition to a romantic dinner between lovers it is also customary to enrich the evening with a gift, a box of chocolates or flowers. It can also happen that museums, theatres and other cultural venues promote special offers that allow 2×1 access or discounted admissions to allow couples to enjoy the local sights at reduced prices.
Here are some suggestions to make Valentine’s Day more romantic than ever.

Romantic sightseeing tour

Enjoy a sightseeing tour aboard of an open bus: though temperatures may be low in February, the landmarks you will come across will be worth it and offer you the ideal chance to take a picture surrounded by the symbols of Milan, maybe while hugging or kissing your other half to keep the heat inside.

Watch sunset from a privileged position 

Don’t end your visit by entering the Duomo, but go atop its Terraces. Here you can enjoy a walk through its pinnacles and statues and admire the sunset from possibly one of the best panoramic spots in Milan. Or even, to watch the beauty and colours of the sun going down, maybe while exchanging sweet something with your special person, check if the 39th floor of Palazzo della Regione is open to the public and go up on it. Keep in mind it can be quite crowded, but the view will be worth waiting.
Finally, if it is a nice day, you can pay a visit to the Torre Branca, which overlooks Sempione Park with a view of the whole of Milan.

Enjoy a relaxing day at a SPA

It may happen that when at home you feel too pressed with time to being able to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Take advantage of the uber-rich SPA scene in Milan to gift yourself and your beloved one with a massage, a special couple treatment or simply a relaxing time amidst bubbles, heat and tranquillity. Milan features both spas open to the wider public or private spas, even within luxury hotels.

Special dinner

Besides being traditional, a romantic candle-lit dinner is the best way to end Valentine’s day. Local restaurants may feature a specially designed menu with seasonal delicacies. End the dinner with a toast with a glass of bubbly and take a wish, maybe your love can be endless.