Zanuso-Mendini: Design and Architecture

Marco Zanuso e Alessandro Mendini. Design e Architettura - ADI Design Museum


8 Mar, 2022 - 12 Jun, 2022


10:00 am - 8:00 pm

ADI Design Museum

About the exhibition

Two great protagonists of design and architecture are compared, Marco Zanuso and Alessandro Mendini, in an exhibition that reflects on the value of design in Italy. Zanuso, with his design method, and Mendini, with his postmodern outlook, have shown different visions of design, but both are complete. The exhibition “Marco Zanuso e Alessandro Mendini. Design e Architettura” at the ADI Design Museum hub offers the opportunity to admire these two figures simultaneously and, precisely because they are placed opposite each other, to stimulate a game of references, contrasts and influences. Both open to the exploration of new paths, they were able to create a path towards further developments in contemporary design.

More details

The exhibition is divided into twelve chapters, symmetrically subdivided into six plus six, which are developed along the central space of the museum. Comfort, New Aesthetics, Grand Staircase, Modular Construction, Innovation and Stone Walls are the sections dedicated to Marco Zanuso; Alchemy, Global Toys, Decorations, Museums, Houses, Text and Image are those dedicated to Alessandro Mendini. The exhibition concludes with a special installation in the spaces dedicated to the Compasso d’Oro Career Awards, where two episodes offer both a view of the iconic portraits by Roberto Sambonet and a summary of the lives and works of the two protagonists.

Tickets and Information

The exhibition is on show in the spaces of ADI Design Museum.

Full ticket: 12 euro
Reduced ticket: 9 euro

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