Zero Calcare, Regeni senza (2017). Courtesy Zerocalcare
Zero Calcare, Regeni senza (2017). Cover design for the 25-31 August 2017 issue of "Internazionale" on the Giulio Regeni case. Courtesy Zerocalcare


17 Dec, 2022 - 23 Apr, 2023


10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Fabbrica del Vapore


About the exhibition

Large solo exhibition of the talented Italian comic artist Zerocalcare. On show are over 500 original plates, videos, sketches, illustrations and a site-specific work, which tell of politics and stories of collective resistance.
These are the themes at the centre of this important Milanese exhibition: social fragmentation in the aftermath of the pandemic; the growth of fears at the time of a global crisis and conflict in the heart of Europe; the forced isolation and loneliness that have inevitably generated disintegration and caused a loss of contact with reality; politics and resistance.
The layout of the exhibition projects the visitor into an imaginative, post-apocalyptic city where, at the centre of the scene, is a street surrounded by buildings designed by the author. From this scenario, among display cases containing some of the plates created by the author during the lockdown months, the various sections of the exhibition unfold, following the themes dearest to Zerocalcare: from the forms of resistance embodied by the Kurdish people, to the workers who protesting for more dignified living conditions; from the role of women to the many other battles conducted by ordinary people as an expression of everyday resistance.

Tickets and Information

The project is hosted in the spaces of the Fabbrica del Vapore.