Dhole Opens in Porta Romana

by Chiara Zaccarelli
Dhole Milano


Exotic cocktails infused with surprising ingredients like turmeric, avocado and marshmallows, and Italian cuisine revisited with an international twist. Dhole, whose name refers to a small Asian wild dog, resembling a wolf, is a petit, sought-after cocktail bar and restaurant, offering top-notch aperitivi accompanied by delightful bite-sized nibbles. Located in the Porta Romana district, its interior features a mixture of eastern and western décor, currently a popular trend in Milan, including vertical gardens, vintage objet d’art, climbing plants, pink velvet chairs, floral wallpaper and optical flooring.

Via Tiraboschi, 2
M3 (yellow line) Porta Romana
T: +39 345 3503133

Open daily 7.30am-2am

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