Together with the “Volemose Bene” restaurant in Via Moscova, this second Ostaria Romana in Milan is located in an elegant side of the city, not far from Central Station and a stone’s throw from the Porta Nuova skyscrapers. Equipped with a large dehors, this restaurant has recently opened to welcome all those customers who already know the restaurant of the same name in Via Moscova and are looking for its flavours and atmosphere. A traditional and homely gastronomic proposal, also for the welcome and friendliness of the staff. The menu is wide-ranging and features the most typical dishes of Lazio cuisine: artichokes “alla romana”, “supplì” and croquettes, “bucatini all’amatriciana”, “spaghetti alla carbonara”, baked lamb, “coda alla vaccinara”, “saltimbocca alla romana” to name but a few, while desserts include the inevitable Tiramisù.

>>Discover also Volemose Bene Moscova, in a cosy and informal environment.