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Waby, a New Japanese Experience in Milan

Wagyu Jalapeno at Waby Restaurant Ph. CJA Agency
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Via Carlo de Cristoforis, 2, Milano, MI, Italia
T: + 39 02 83412987
M2 (green line)-M5 (purple line) Garibaldi FS
Open daily, 12.15pm-2pm/7.30pm-midnight

The latest addition to Milan’s vibrant international restaurant scene, Waby Restaurant stands at the foot of the Porta Nuova skyscrapers.
The brainchild of Matteo Zhu, a young son of a family from Zhejiang, the Japanese restaurant has hospitality as its central theme, expressed in the furnishings that combine in a gentle and harmonious language and, more generally, in the atmosphere of light and colour. In the main room, the raised sushi counter, with its evanescent hue and artfully illuminated, emphasises the care taken in the preparation of the food. The middle room houses the private room and a side room can be used as a private space.

The work of the kitchen brigade shares the experience of Asian haute cuisine. Uncompromising quality in raw materials (including Balfegò red tuna, Kaluga Amur caviar and Japanese Tamanishiki rice). A touch of personality are the spicy notes of jalapeno and ‘shichimi togarashi’, a Japanese spice mix.
At the opening of the menu a sort of tasting or appetisers, the ‘Kobachi‘, then the Tartare and Carpaccio, and Gunkan, Sushi, Sashimi, Cirashi and Uramaki at will. There is no shortage of Dim Sum, Noodles and Tempura.
But the real speciality of the Wabi Restaurant is ‘Robata‘, the Japanese charcoal cooking technique, here proposed in versions with fine meat (also Wangu) and fish (lobster), but also vegetarian.
The strong point are the “Creations“, refined signature dishes: from “Nori Crisps” to “Hotale Hiberico”, from “Crispy Rice” to “Sake Karashi”.
For the business lunch formula, the Waby restaurant proposal includes several elegant Bento Boxes (according to the custom of Japanese businessmen).
The wine list is essentially Italian with about 120 labels, while the sake selection offers a range to accompany the entire meal.