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Peck, the Milan Gastronomic Legend

Peck Duomo, Via Spadari

Peck is a unique gourmet gem, stemming in 1883 from the heart of Milan. This is a culinary landmark with a cozy, indulgent, generous and authentic character, synonym of loving care for the traditional recipes and commitment to the excellence of products and raw materials. A passionate world that conceals and treasures the origin and genuineness of the traditional recipes enriched by the outstanding expertise of Peck chefs, cooks and product experts.
The Peck brand has three locations in the city: Peck Duomo, an Art Nouveau flagship store with a Food Store, a Gastronomic Café, a Wine Cellar, plus a central kitchen and laboratories with more than 2 600 food products; Peck CityLife, a new concept store in the largest urban shopping district in Italy with a gastronomic bistrot and a cocktail bar in a delicatessen shop; Peck Porta Venezia, a neighborhood delicatessen shop and a little retail gem of high gastronomy.

1. Peck Duomo – Via Spadari

Peck Duomo, Via SpadariThe historic Flagship Duomo is not only a gastronomic excellence, but the trusted shop of the Milanese and beyond. In fact, the brand boasts a long experience as both selector and producer.
From meats to cold cuts, from cheeses to fresh pasta, in different formats and with different fillings. Expert gastronomes meticulously select producers and suppliers of all the items sold in the shop and used in the kitchen. Alongside the wide selection of Peck packaged specialities, special attention is paid to gourmet products such as porcini mushrooms, foie gras, truffles, caviar and botargo. Peck’s patisserie is a triumph of flavours and temptations for the sweet tooth, with a vast assortment of cakes, pastries, pralines, chocolates and artisanal ice creams.
Flanked by the fresh fruit and vegetable departments, the tea and coffee departments complete the assortment, housing the best blends of loose and tinned coffee and almost a hundred of the finest selections of teas and infusions.
Peck is also a wine lover’s paradise with more than 3,000 labels from the most important Italian and international wineries, enriched over the years with passion and dedication. Jewels of oenology from all regions of Italy, but also from France, Spain, Germany and many other parts of the world.


Flagship Duomo
Via Spadari, 9, Milano, MI, Italia
T: +39 02 8023161
M1 (red line) - M3 (yellow line) Duomo, M1 (red line) Cordusio
Open daily Mon 3pm-7.30pm; Tues-Sat 9am-7.30pm; Sun 10am-7.30pm.

2. Peck CityLife Shop – Piazza Tre Torri

Peck CityLife, Piazza Tre TorriPeck CityLife is at the same time a delicatessen, gastronomic bistrot, wine bar and cocktail bar, all under the symbolic towers of the new city designed by international archistars, now the headquarters of Allianz, Generali and PwC Italia.
The symbolic brand of haute cuisine has brought to CityLife Shopping District all the flavours, fragrances and savoir faire that have made it the reference point for high quality food and a brand known throughout the world.
Peck CityLife is located in a 300 square metre pavilion with an organic shape, in Piazza Tre Torri, barycentred around the entrance to the Shopping District.
The gastronomic bistrot offers the best of Peck’s renowned gastronomy, served at all times of the day in a style that is both classic and contemporary. The wine bar showcases a collection of wines and spirits arranged theatrically on a prominent wall displaying a selection of 150 labels, both Italian and French.
This space is also characterised by a dehors: a glass casket that becomes a lantern in the evening, creating a comfortable winter garden, and opens onto the square in fine weather, to give the sensation of eating outdoors and smelling the scents of the CityLife park.


CityLife Shopping District, Piazza Tre Torri, Milano, MI, Italia
T: +39 02 36642660
M5 (purple line) Tre Torri
Open Mon-Sun 11.30am-3pm/5pm-10pm. Closed on Monday.

3. Peck Porta Venezia Shop – Via Salvini

Peck Porta Venezia ShopPeck Porta Venezia is the new neighbourhood delicatessen that the famous Milanese brand has opened in the heart of Porta Venezia. The shop presents itself as a small shop where you can find a selection of the endless delicacies that have made Peck the symbol of Milanese haute cuisine in the world.
The brand has thus created a new idea, that of the small neighbourhood shop, capable of offering a daily shopping experience ‘on the doorstep’. A 30-square-metre space designed to bring the specialities produced in the historic workshops in Via Spadari 9 closer to the inhabitants of the area. A concept of quality at your fingertips that consists not only in the careful selection of products, but also in the experience and service of the Peck staff. That ability to develop a relationship of direct knowledge of the customer, of assistance in purchasing, of advice on food selection and management.
In the shop you can find the timeless classics of Peck gastronomy (Russian salad, veal in tuna sauce, prawns in cocktail sauce, pate), the famous cured meats and selected cheeses, fresh pasta and packaged products. Then there are the dishes that come out of the Peck kitchen such as lasagne, parmigiana, arancini, cutlets, and a rich variety of seasonal dishes.


Via Tommaso Salvini, 3, Milano, MI, Italia
T: +39 02 27012148
M1 (red line) Palestro
Open Mon 4pm-7.30pm; Tues-Fri 9.30am-3pm/4pm-7.30pm; Sat 10am-3pm. Closed on Sunday.