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Uovodiseppia Milano: Home Cooking, Starred Chef

Uovodiseppia Milano restaurant at Ariosto Social Club
Chef Pino Cuttaia with his team
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Via Lodovico Ariosto, 22, Milano, MI, Italia
+39 02 49621255
M1 (red line) Conciliazione
Open daily 12.30am-3.30pm/7pm-11.30pm

In a prestigious setting, overlooking the elegant inner courtyard of Ariosto Social Club, the new Uovodiseppia Milano restaurant is just a short walk from the Cenacolo Vinciano and the new CityLife district. In the cosy atmosphere of this restaurant-bistro, two-Michelin-starred chef Pino Cuttaia offers a menu with quality ingredients and simple rituals.

A restaurant for Milanese and travellers alike, Uovodiseppia Milano marks the Milan debut of chef Pino Cuttaia, the two-star chef at La Madia restaurant in Licata, Sicily. Open for lunch and dinner, it offers a “domestic” cuisine that blends the flavours of Sicily and Milan, without frills or virtuosity. The protagonists are the raw materials of the Sicilian countryside and the Milanese gardens, to be tasted in their essentiality, with precise and delicate processing and cooking that can be seen in the open kitchen. A contemporary cuisine, based on seasonal ingredients that blend different areas and cultures with sea and land dishes.

This is a “neighbourhood restaurant” where the chef and his close-knit team offer a menu rich in tradition and culture, from hors d’oeuvres to dessert, with a decidedly contemporary twist. Among the starters, the “Merluzzo all’affumicatura di pignaor theInvoltino di pesce spada; among the first and the main dishes, the “Minestra di aragosta d’amare, the “Pasta fresca al nero di seppia, the “Risotto con ragù di triglia, theCapocollo di maialino nero dei Nebrodi”, the “Ricciola all’acqua di mare” and the “Spigola in crosta di sale”. Closing on a sweet note with “Gelo di mandarino”, “Caldo e freddo di cioccolato”, “Cornucopia di cialda di cannolo” and “Semifreddo di mandorle”.

The tasting menu is noteworthy, but you should definitely try two dishes as a tribute to the city of Milan: “Spaghetto alla Milanese”, a reworking of the classic pasta with sardines that is one of the most popular dishes in Sicilian cuisine, but without fish and with bread breadcrumbs and onions; then, the “Uovo a cotoletta” which gives off the same aromas as the meat but using a simple ingredient, the egg.

Ariosto Social Club is a multi-faceted space in the heart of Milan, in an elegant Art Nouveau building in Via Ariosto 22, which houses luxury flats for short-term rentals, a wellness centre (with Gym and Spa) and Valeria Benatti’s boutique. In this context of style and comfort, the restaurant-bistrot Uovodiseppia Milano finds its ideal space, a place where customers find their home and comfort through food.