The Digital Islands of Milan: not only Free WiFi

by Web Editor

Throughout Milan you will notice 15 new touch screen totems that have been designed to offer highly innovative services to both citizens and tourists. If you wish to communicate, get information and/or move around the city in the most intelligent way possible these digital islands can help you! Not only offering free WiFi connectivity, they also provide the option of using the totems to recharge all your electronic devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.) or even obtain information about mobility, road conditions, public transport and events in the city.
Digital islands currently operative: Bocconi University, Porta Vittoria, Piazza 5 Giornate, Porta Venezia, Via Hoepli, Via Cusani, Sant’Agostino, Pagano, Cadorna, Amendola Fiera, Bisceglie, Piazza XXV Aprile, Centrale FS, Gioia M2 and Loreto- Argentina.

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