Milano: a Place to BE

by Where Milan

As the World Expo 2015 approaches, Milan once again reconfirms its status as a city of art and culture with the initiative “Milano: a place to BE,” Scheduled to be held from May to October 2015,  a cultural program represented by six masterpieces preserved in the city of Milan which, on a rotational basis, will serve as symbolic images of our city during Expo 2015.
MAY 2015
BEginning > “The Fourth Estate” by Pellizza da Volpedo (Museo del Novecento), one of the works that most indelibly marked the industrial changes at the beginning of the 20th century, will kick-off the events.

Pietà Rondanini – Michelangelo

JUNE 2015
BEloved > The theme of love will be represented by Francesco Hayez’s “The Kiss”(Pinacoteca di Brera).
Raffaello - Sposalizio della Vergine

Raffaello – Sposalizio della Vergine

JULY 2015
BElong > Raphael’s “Marriage of the Virgin” (Pinacoteca di Brera) will serve as an emblem of belonging to the city as a place where people can share and socialize.
BEside > The solidarity expressed by Milan and its volunteer associations will be represented by Michelangelo’s “Pietà Rondanini” (Castello Sforzesco).
BEyond > With his “Spatial Concept” (Museo del Novecento), Lucio Fontana has transcended the definitions of painting, sculpture and poetry: in the same way that Milan, with EXPO 2015, is projected towards the future.
Spatial Concept by Lucio Fontana

Spatial Concept – Lucio Fontana

BElieve > As a gran finale, the city has chosen Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper”, possibly the best-known work of art in the world.

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