Masterpieces of Art and Science

by Web Editor

The exhibition “I Diamanti sono stelle: Giulio Manfredi incontra il genio della Scienza” will be unveiled to the public on 27 September at Palazzo Landriani, the headquarters of the Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere. A collection of unique works which, based on an idea by the celebrated Milanese artist and jeweller, are targeted at promoting a real encounter between art and science, telling the story of the 7 most representative Sciences of the Istituto Lombardo: the Inspiration of the Studia Humanitatis, the Diversity of Natural Sciences, the Imagination of Mathematics, the Marvellous Harmony of Medicine, the Power of Chemistry, the Myth of Astronomy and Energy, and the Driving Force behind Change. Until 27 November.

Via Borgonuovo, 25
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