Milan, City of Art

by Web Editor

Starting from April 2014, and for the whole of 2015, Milan reconfirms its status as a cultural hub and a city of art, in an ongoing collaboration with the museums of Europe.
Over the next few months, the city is set to host a lineup of 3 important artistic programs, with more than 20 must see exhibitions designed to highlight the legacy of Italian and European works of art, at the exhibition spaces of Palazzo Reale, Castello Sforzesco, Museo del Novecento, GAM|Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo Morando|Costume, Moda, Immagine, Palazzo Moriggia|Museo del Risorgimento, Museo di Storia Naturale and Acquario Civico.
› The first set of Milan art exhibitions, “La Primavera di Milano” (from April to August 2014), will feature the exhibitions of artists who have put Milan on the international art map including the likes of Manzoni, Luini, Munari and architect Beltrami.
› The second cycle, dedicated to European identity, promoted to mark the Italian semester of the Presidency of the EU, will be entitled “Milano cuore d’Europa” (September 2014-April 2015) with a display of artworks by foreign masters as Chagall, Segantini, van Gogh, Fontana, Klein and Giacometti.
› Lastly, during the six months of the World Fair (May-October 2015), cultural offerings will centre around “Expo in città 2015” with Milan art exhibitions dedicated to Lombardy art from the era of the Visconti to that of the Sforza (from February 2015) at GAM, to Leonardo da Vinci (from April 2015 at Palazzo Reale) right up to Giotto (July 2015) and Michelangelo at the Castello Sforzesco (from September 2015).

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