Exhibition ‘Leonardo3′: New World Premieres

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logo-expo-in-cittaAfter the Viola Organista and the Musical Can(n)on, another three musical instruments invented by Italian luminary Leonardo da Vinci will enrich the Leonardo3 – Il Mondo di Leonardo exhibition in piazza della Scala: the Continuous Windpipe, the Continuous Organ and ‘Glissati’ flutes.
The innovative multimedia exhibition, scheduled to run until 31 October 2015, will be further enriched by three new important works, namely the Continuous Windpipe, the Continuous Organ and ‘Glissati’ Flutes, the result of a passionate, ongoing commitment to study on the writings and drawings of Leonardo.
Inside the exhibition area, in addition to three physical reproductions, new interactive stations dedicated to the instruments themselves have also been set up, thus offering visitors a chance to consult Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscripts in digital format and interact with his inventions using innovative, engaging methods, several of which have been designed especially for children. Studies related to these three new musical instruments are contained in the Madrid Codex and in the Codex Atlanticus, annotated on sheets that might contain additional drawing or texts (or both) and, as is often the case, interrupted at the ‘quick sketches’ or ‘notes to be developed’ stage. Thus, five hundred years after the studies conducted by the Tuscan genius, these never-seen-before instruments have finally achieved a perfectly functioning status, thus completing and serving as an integration to the exhibition itself.
An operation targeted at bringing to light the multi-faceted skills of Leonardo da Vinci, a figure perhaps best-known as an artist and engineer, often causing people to overlook the fact that his interests and achievements spread into an astonishing variety of fields, including, as previously mentioned, music.

Stefania Vida

The exhibition “Leonardo3 – Il Mondo di Leonardo” has been extended to 31 December 2017 and is open every day from 10am to 11pm, 12 €.

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