Online Tours of Lombard Villas and Castles

by Giulia Minero
The inner garden at Palazzo Te

If you have a weakness for period villas and castles but can't move from your home for the COVID-19 lockdown, we've good news for you. Some of the most breathtaking examples of historic palaces in Lombardy can be enjoyed at home thanks to accurate vitual tours.

The current global health emergency has brought in a large number of innovations in the world of culture and sightseeing. For example, have you ever thought of visiting a period villa, a castle or even a museum straight from your home? New technologies such as Google Art & Culture have provided culture lovers with new ways of travelling through Lombardy – and not only – just with a few clicks. Check out our selection of virtual tours through Lombard palaces and castles here or, if you just can’t get enough of exploring, discover our selection of virtual tours of the Italian museums and art galleries. Italy has never been so close!

Casa Museo Pogliaghi, in Varese

Once the private dwelling and museum-laboratory of artist and collector Lodovico Pogliaghi, the eponymous house located just a stone’s throw from Varese now hosts paintings, sculptures and period furniture. Its halls serve as the ideal backdrop to various collections of fabrics and sketches, and it still gathers Pogliaghi’s painting tools and instruments.  Besides the beautiful works of art nestled in the house, in the nearby Parco Regionale Campo dei Fiori, lovers of nature can also enjoy beautiful landscapes, century-old plants and rare plants.

Casa Museo Lodovico Pogliaghi
Casa Museo Lodovico Pogliaghi

Enjoy a virtual tour at www.casamuseopogliaghi.it

Palazzo Te, in Mantova

Built between 1525 and 1535 by architect Giulio Romano, and conceived as a pleasure retreat for Prince Federico II Gonzaga, Palazzo TE is a great example of Lombard architecture of the Renaissance. The palace has kept its original attire almost intact and now hosts beautiful masterpieces by Giulio Romano and by painters Zandomeneghi and Spadini. Besides discovering the works of art close up thanks to Google Art&Culture, visitors can also enjoy a virtual tour of the garden surrounding the Palazzo.

A night shot of Palazzo Te
A night shot of Palazzo Te

Enjoy a virtual tour at artsandculture.google.com

Palazzo Besta di Teglio, near Sondrio

Built in the late 15th century as a private palace, Palazzo Besta is distinguished by beautiful mural paintings depicting scenes inspired by the Bible, as well as important historical and mythological happenings. This typical Renaissance building with lowered arches and decorated ceilings has become a state museum in 1927. Interactive virtual tours suitable for kids and adults alike, enable guests to discover insightful highlights on the history of the palace and on its inhabitants, the Besta family.

Palazzo Besta di Teglio
Palazzo Besta di Teglio

Enjoy a virtual tour at bestaescuola.it

Castello Bonoris (Montichiari), near Brescia

Located just a few kilometres from Lake Garda, Castello Bonoris (the Italian for Bonoris Castle) tells of the local history around 1107, the year of its foundation. A visit of the castle – even through a virtual tour – means making a step back into the Middle Ages, when the city of Montichiari was the most important feud of the Longhi counts. Though its current aspect is the result of a deep restoration work carried out in 1996, traces of the beautiful 19th-century decorations created by Giuseppe Rollini inside its rooms can still be seen thanks to a 360-degree virtual tour. The virtual tour also enables guests to enjoy a view of the surrounding park conceived by garden designer Giuseppe Roda in 1901.

Castello Bonoris in Montichiari. Photo by Wolfgang Moroder, under multi-license with GFDL and Creative Commons CC-BY 2.5.
Castello Bonoris in Montichiari. Photo by Wolfgang Moroder, under multi-license with GFDL and Creative Commons CC-BY 2.5.

Enjoy a virtual tour at www.montichiarimusei.it

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