Public Transportation in Milan

by Where Milan
Where Milan's underground map designed by Dmitry Goloub

ATM is Milan’s local public transportation authority owning the underground subway system – The Metro, the more efficient mean of transport (free from traffic variations, traffic jams and usually also from strikes!) – tram and bus routes. There is also a night service, from midnight until 6 am.
This means that one ticket grants access to all public means of transportation:

  • Ordinary ticket (2 €) One journey on the metro and then unlimited bus, tram and metro usage within a 90 minute period.
  • Go+return ticket to Rho Fieramilano (5€). Check the tariffs for the extra-urban subway.
  • Evening ticket (3 €) Unlimited bus, tram and metro usage from 8 pm until end of service.
  • Day ticket (4,50 €) Unlimited bus, tram and metro usage within a 24 hour period.
  • Two-day ticket (8,25 €) Unlimited bus, tram and metro usage within a 48 hour period.
  • Weekly 2X6 pass (10 €) Two ordinary tickets each day for six days in a given week
  • Weekly travel card (11.30 €) Unlimited travel on bus, tram and metro for one full week (Requirement: 10€ rechargeable card valid for 4 years)
  • Monthly travel card (35.00€) Unlimited travel on bus, tram and metro for one full solar month (Requirement: 10€ rechargeable card valid for 4 years)

tabacchiWhere to buy your ticket

You can buy your ticket from the all authorized ticket sellers, usually including Tabaccherias (you will recognize a tabaccheria by the big “T” sign, see the right image), ATM POINTS (underground stations) and automatic ticket machines (underground stations). Bus drivers are not allowed to sell bus tickets.

Owners of an Italian SIM card can text a message to the number 48444 containing the word ATM to get a regular ticket (1,50 euros) or the word FIERA to get a ticket for Rho Fiera (2,50 euros).

A further step in the digital transformation of Milan’s public transport: today you can travel on the metro by paying easily, fast and safe directly at the ticket gate with Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and VPay contactless cards. You only have to touch your contactless card on the reader when you enter and leave the station.

For more information regarding Milan’s public transport system, please refer to ATM – Azienda Trasporti Milanesi –  Milan’s local public transport company’s website: www.atm-mi.it

Open daily 7.30am-7.30pm. Tel: +39 800 808181

Don’t throw your ticket!

Remember that underground tickets should be validated two times: before entering the underground line and after the ride.

New media

If you want to know the best way to reach the places in which you are interested ,try Giro Milano App, while if you’re experiencing problems getting around Milan with public transportation (strikes or doubts) you can tweet your questions to the customer care service @atm_informa (Mon-Fri, 7am-8pm). They also tweet real time news on ATM services.
Finally, if you need to get on the Malpensa Express it’s better if you check for strikes on Trenord’s Twitter account @Trenord_Press.


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