Collecting Wine: Where to Keep Your Collection Safe

by Web Editor
Photo of La Cantina di Paul

After learning the best kind of wines you can choose to collect, a safe place to store it is key 

Wine requires special attention: bottles need to be stored on their sides in a place boasting constant temperatures and humidity levels. In the past, wine was ‘safeguarded’ in dark, dusty underground cellars. Today, design and innovation have led to new solutions. The ultimate luxury is now called Personal Wine Suite: imagine a place in your home, where you can lovingly store the wines that have become part of your collection. Your very own cellar where you can uncork and savor a special bottle in good company. La Cantina di Paul is a work of art that combines the most innovative technology with bespoke design. All the functions of the cellar (temperature, humidity and light) can be monitored directly from your tablet, either by means of a simple Wi-Fi connection or, remotely, via the Internet. Sleek intarsia hide touch panel controls and the ‘RFID’ technology’ which prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the cellar is also invisible. La Cantina di Paul is an expression of pure Made in Italy creativity. It is crafted, ready-for-use, at the woodworking spaces of Falegnameria Campo: to enjoy it in the comfort of your home, all you need is an electrical outlet. Available in a wide variety of sizes, it can be custom-built to fit in with the décor and layout of your home. Not only a stunning example of exceptional quality and workmanship but, above all, exclusive.

By Paola Pavan

>> Official Website: www.lacantinadipaul.it

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