A Guide to Tasting Wine: the First Tasting Experience

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Photo of Tasting at La Veranda Ristorante at Four Seasons Hotel

After learning the 5 key steps to taste wine you are ready for your first tasting experience

When tasting white wines, start from dry to sweet. On the other hand, if you’re into reds, make sure to progress from light to full-bodied.
Some of the best Italian white wines come from Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region in the north-east of Italy.


Attems_RamatoAttems is a winery in the heart of Friuli, the quality and personality of whose wines serve as a true expression of this area. Its astute selection of whites and reds make for a good start when practising with tastings. 
For example, allow yourself to be seduced by the beauty of the colour of Pinot Grigio Ramato. Its name derives from the ancient documents of the Republic of Venice, in which the term ‘ramato’ referred to Pinot Grigio in contracts. Its magnificent colour stems from a special wine-making process in which the juice spends extended time (in this case, 12 hours) on the skins, to give the wine its distinctive coppery hue. Boasting an intense, fruity bouquet, Ramato is a rich, crisp wine.

Find Attems in Milan

Ristorante La Veranda. Address: c/o Four Seasons Hotel (main picture). Via Gesù, 6/8. T: +39 02 77088 >> Read Where Milan’s short review
> Perla D’oro, Navigli District. Address: Via Vigevano, 13. T: +39 02 58108875.
> Spazio Sushi. Address: Via Anfiteatro, 9. T: +39 02 36587566.
> Ristorante El Bechee. Address: Via Gaudenzio Ferrari corner of corso Genova. T: +39 02 8372464.

By Paola Pavan 

[Main Photo: tasting food at Four Seasons Hotel]

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