Suggestions by Milano Straordinaria: the DOC Wine of the Hills of San Colombano [60Km from Milan]

by Giulia Minero
San Colombano al Lambro

by Felice Bassi, MilanoStraordinaria

Follow us in discovery of the Consorzio Volontario Vini D.O.C. San Colombano, the heir to an ancient wine-making tradition on the hills surrounding Milan.
For centuries, thanks to the Visconti, the Certosini and the Belgioioso but, above all, thanks to the area’s tenacious wine growers, the grape vine has been the queen of the hills, impacting upon the history and culture of the area’s hillside towns. San Colombano al Lambro is a picturesque town of the Lower Lodigiana Pavese lying at the foot of the eponymous hill which is covered with vineyards. Its gently rolling slopes and exposure to the sun offer excellent conditions for the production of a wine that is widely appreciated for its organoleptic properties. Historical documents refer to a high-quality wine resulting from the tireless work of wine growers and their love of the land which resulted in its receiving DOC designation in 1984. Since 1987, the Consorzio Volontario Vini D.O.C. San Colombano has supported and protected the production and marketing of this wine boasting designation of origin. The Consortium engages in activities pertaining to the promotion and control of the wines of associated producers, rewarding them, once they have passed the control test, with the trademark of the Consortium depicting San Colombano.
Open Mon-Wed-Fri 9am-1pm; Tue-Thurs 9am-1pm, 3pm-5.30pm, Sat-Sun by appointment only.

Via Ricetto Castello Belgioioso
San Colombano al Lambro [60 km from Milan]
T: +39 0371 898830

by-felice-bassi Felice Bassi is the Art Director of MilanoStraordinaria (literally, “ExtraordinaryMilan”), a guide published by ItaliaStraordinaria.

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