Personal Wine Shopper: Sharing Emotions Through Wine

by Web Editor
Photo of Paola Pavan, personal wine shopper

I enjoy looking at wine through different eyes. They are the eyes of people who come to Italy from all over the world to taste our special ‘flavor

My work is a constant discovery.
During a tasting, while deciding with which wine to start, an American client of mine gave her simple solution “Let’s start from the best one”, explaining that usually, at her home, she offers the best wine first so people get drunk and then they do not understand that the other ones are not as good.
I thought I had to deal with questions like “What wine can I match with my favorite food?” “Where can I store my wines at home?”… Instead I was asked: “In which phase of the production is the strawberry fragrance added into the wine? ”
The stranger the questions, the more I understood that consumers are different every time and that their curiosity toward the nectar of Bacchus is sincere and total. Paola_Pavan_Personal_Wine_Shopper_Fields In my conversations with new clients, I often get the impression that for them wine is a wonderful alchemy, which always maintains an aura of mystery as if it were a magical potion. And this is because there is nobody who really takes time to explain to them what wine is. They say that I invented a new profession: I am a Personal Wine Shopper. What do I do? I support people in the purchases of wine, I organize wine trips and tailor-made food and wine experiences. I create events in which people can learn and share their emotions about  wine. I assist them in finding the right selections for dinners and weddings.
Have I invented this? I would say that it came naturally to my mind… This profession was born from my passion for wine and the joy of sharing it with others, from my sunny personality and from the observation that there are only two things that I can’t resist buying: books and wine.
Why am I doing it? Because it’s who I am. Because I want to share with people a more lively and healthy lifestyle using Italian wine and food as emotional companions of our life so that everybody can enjoy spending time together enriching their cultural knowledge and pleasing their palates.

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By Paola Pavan

paola-pavanPaola Pavan is a Personal Wine Shopper and a blogger.
A Personal Wine Shopper is a wine professional who offers support in purchasing wine and tailor-made wine and food experiences.
According to Paola, “it isn’t important to have technical knowledge: the beauty stays in the ‘path’ the wine lovers will accomplish, rich in experiences, interesting meetings and discoveries.”

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