Parco EXPerience

Photo of Parco EXPerience in the former Expo site
Parco EXPerience in the former Expo site
Address: Via Cristina Belgioioso, 28, Bollate

GPS: 9.114130196820042, 45.516852758516684

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Location Description

A 130,000 square meters area, located out of the city.

The Seat of the Former Expo Milano

This area was designed in 2015 to be the exhibition site of Expo Milano 2015 and it was inspired by the plan of a Roman ‘castrum’, shaped like a cross, with two large perpendicular streets, known as the Cardo and the Decumanus. Simple and intuitive, the project was meant to help visitors find their way around the area hosting events and exhibitions where they could sample the traditional enogastronomic specialities of people from all over the world. Situated at the intersection between the two aforementioned streets, Piazza Italia, Expo’s large main square, was the symbolic place where Italy met the world. Conversely, the Mediterranean Hill, Expo Centre, the Open Air Theatre and Lake Arena were situated at the four ends of the Cardo and Decumanus. >> Back to the Past: Expo 2015

The new Parco EXPerience

After the closing of Expo 2015, the former Expo site has turned into a multi-functional area mostly used for entertainment, live shows, open air exhibitions and events dedicated to visitors of all ages. Especially during the hot season, the Parco EXPerience goes back to all its splendour, surrounded by lights, music and lights from the Tree of Life.

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