NHow Milan

Address: Via Tortona, 35, Milano

GPS: 9.160719599999993, 45.4510286

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Location Description

Poised between classic and modern, trends and counter-trends, cosmopolitan atmospheres and the typical Milanese glamour: NHow Milan is a unique mix of originality and contrasts which expresses itself every time with an innovative style and surprising forms. A former industrial building converted in an unconventional space that redefines the traditional concept of the hotel. A hub of unique and ever changing experiences to be explored but above all to be experienced live. An ideal location where to spot get spotted right in the creative heart of Milan, a stone’s throw from the most celebrated fashion and design showrooms.
The highest expression of NHow is reflected in its public areas, with their constant evolution, turning every six months into either a gallery, and a museum, a meeting place and a crossroads of trends, along with collections of work of art by international artists.

T: +39 02 4898861

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