Villa Reale di Monza

Address: Viale Brianza, 1, Monza

GPS: 9.273964672949205, 45.593187607802896

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Location Description


The Villa Reale di Monza or Royal Villa of Monza is an Italian heritage palace located only 20km from the city center of Milan, that is to say roughly 12 miles.
It is a fine example of neoclassical style architecture, while its English landscape park is one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe.
The palace was originally built by Giuseppe Piermarini for the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, but in 1861 it became residence of the Royal House of Savoy, which ruled unified Italy for 85 year.
The complex re-opened its gates to the public in September 2014 after a restoration process lasted two years.

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Events Venue:

Today the royal spaces of Villa Reale di Monza host various exhibitions, events, workshops and also conferences.
The building is structured in:

  • Ground floor – characterized by rooms decorated with liberty mosaics, originally hosting the royal kitchens. Today the refurbished lounge bar and two Italian restaurants are locations of tasting events. There is also a bookshop and an area for educational activities.
  • First floor – royal spaces open to the public by the Savoy family, for instance: the throne room, the official dining room and the ballroom. Here are organized short-term events, exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, conferences.
  • Second noble floor – in this floor: private apartments destined to guests, apartments of the Prince of Naples, apartments of the Duchess of Genoa, mother of Queen Margherita, and a museum hosting long-lasting exhibits and installations.
  • Belvedere – the top floor of the villa is reserved to the Triennale Design Museum as one of its exhibition spaces.
  • Greenhouse – another wide venue featuring important exhibitions (e.g. Giorgio de Chirico in the years 2014-15).

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