Shopping Guide July 2015: Suggestions by MilanoStraordinaria

by Web Editor

A special guide to shops, galleries, ateliers, restaurants, bookshops and some of the city’s best-kept secrets that even those who have always lived in Milan know little about.

1. Costanza Algranti

[one_half last=””]Costanza_Algranti[/one_half][one_half last=”column-last”]At Costanza Algranti, Milanese by adoption and proudly Tuscan by birth, you won’t find just ‘ordinary’ furniture but a piece of history. Pallets, drainpipes, barrels and steel sheets are transformed into new objects. You can sit on a chair made from woods used for subway system, you can eat at a table covered by a drainpipe streaked with rain water, or you can sleep in large beds that once served as pallets. In partnership with her nephew Pietro, Costanza has created AlgrantiLAB, a collection of small objects such as lamps, stools and trays: unique pieces to complete large furnishing projects.

Via Pepe, 20/28
M2 (green line)- M5 (purple line) Garibaldi FS
T: +39 02 89053149, Mob: +39 349 3188432

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2. Pellini

[one_half last=””]Pellini[/one_half][one_half last=”column-last”]Here you will immediately be enveloped by soft, warm lighting, the result of the collaboration of various artisan-artists. Although resembling oxidized copper, the floor is actually made from a resin dyed with natural pigments. The red lacquered bookcase and the small counter are the contrivances of an artist/restorer from Turin. The costume jewelry created by Donatella which, with its stones and resins, combine to form a kaleidoscope of colours, are displayed on an elliptical table standing in the middle of the room. A shop that changes on a monthly basis, thanks to the owner’s ongoing search for unusual accessories.

Corso Magenta, 11.
M1 (red line) – M2 (green line) Cadorna FN
T: +39 02 72010569

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3. Marinac

[one_half last=””]Marinac[/one_half][one_half last=”column-last”]Marina, a delightful Milanese entrepreneur, welcomes visitors to this charming space. Here you can find items that once comprised a bride’s trousseau: exquisitely embroidered tablecloths that create a dining mood and give tables a whole new look plus sheets and various bedspreads. MarinaC epitomizes custom-dyed linen, featuring hand-embroidered patterns, only the highest couture quality and strictly Made in Italy fabrics. On request, Marina also creates exclusive products boasting highly sought-after finishes, providing unique, custom-made furnishing details for homes, yachts and gifts, embellished by monograms.

Via Moscova, 6/8
M2 (green line) Moscova
T: +39 02 62690476

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4. Cremafiore

[one_half last=””]Cremafiore[/one_half][one_half last=”column-last”]Stemming from the passion of some friends for ice cream and coffee, two of the finest Made in Italy offerings and a part of our day-to-day lives, regardless of the season, Cremafiore was established almost by chance in 2014. At this shop, ice cream takes on a new guise because the flavours are designed by a chef. Each season brings different flavours: from Bronte pistachio to marrons glace; from malaga to white chocolate; from French valrhona chocolate to hazlenuts from Alba. All Cremafiore ice cream is made from only the highest quality ingredients, to offer you all the goodness of authentic Italian ice cream.

Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 45 (corner Corso Como)
M2 (green line)- M5 (purple line) Garibaldi Fs

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