The Merchant of Venice’s New ‘Blue Tea’ Fragrance

by Giulia Minero
The Blue Tea perfume by The Merchant of Venice


Also known as Blue Chai butterfly-pea blossom, this sophisticated type of Chinese tea originally comes from South-East Asia and India and is characterized by a splendid cerulean blue flower. The Merchant of Venice has chosen to pay homage to this rare essence, using a sophisticated extraction method to preserve its original olfactory notes intact. The accord of blue tea is accentuated by a bouquet of Rose, Magnolia and Neroli, while at the base, we find a full-bodied Vetiver enveloped by green notes of Musk. The bottle, reminiscent of Chinoiserie, is inspired by the East and the imagery surrounding it. Its elegant shape, featuring a glass drop at the base, blends harmoniously with its white enamel surface embellished with blue decorations, while the gilded collaret and red stopper pair beautifully with the red tassel.

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