A reference showroom in Milan for handcrafted Moroccan design furniture, Arts Design offers artistic artefacts that combine current tastes and trends with an ancient art of craftsmanship. The shop in Via dell’Orso, in the characteristic Brera district, displays handmade and made-to-measure furniture, where everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail: from the laying of the mosaics to the inlays in the wood and the hand-painting.

From Morocco to Milan: ethnic designer handicrafts
The products are made by expert craftsmen who, with their ancient skills handed down from generation to generation, create unique pieces. Based on the specific requests of the customers, the furniture items are all customisable, with unique characteristics of size, shape, design and colour. The collaboration with international architects and designers guarantees a high quality in the conception and design of the custom-made items requested, even starting from an idea, a photograph or a drawing.

Furniture for any home and atmosphere
The main products on display in the showroom include mosaic tables and fountains, hand-painted tiles, inlaid copper lamps and chandeliers, hand-painted tableware, chairs and mirrors, vases and rugs, and many other items for the home and outdoors. All made from natural materials: clay, wood, iron, marble, wicker and natural pigments. All the products are made in the company in Morocco by professionals: craftsmen specialised in the individual materials, who are able to create unique, high-quality products.

Design, delivery, and assembly
Arts Design caters to an Italian and international clientele, and produces to order or, on request, researches and proposes products (including antique ones). Among the services available, in addition to delivery it is also possible to request the installation of the articles purchased.