In addition to its other lines, at the new Brera-based standalone boutique of Venetian artistic perfumery brand, The Merchant of Venice, you can discover its new exclusive collection of sophisticated, high-quality home fragrances. Crafted in Murano glass and developed in collaboration with the renowned NasonMoretti furnace, the line comprises ‘String’ lanterns, available in various chromatic combinations inspired by the shape of cognac glasses. These lanterns are scented with tea lights whose fragrances reference the essences of the classic collection of The Merchant of Venice: warm, welcoming Amber, heady Cashmere wood, the invigorating, clean outdoor scent of Egyptian linen and the freshness of Orange Blossom. Their hallmark features include the optical effect defined by the light that bounces off the unusual striped texture of the glass, creating plays of light and colour and the fact that they are rechargeable.
Via Brera, 4
M3 (yellow line) Montanapoleone

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