Japanese brand Issey Miyake has chosen via Bagutta, a famous and tranquil street located in the heart of the historic centre, for the opening of its first Italian standalone boutique. The choice of location was not accidental. This prestigious space, featuring a perfect combination of the past and the present, references the underlying philosophy of the brand. The style of the collections signed by Issey Miyake is sophisticated, impeccable and minimalist. This same concept is reflected in the décor of the new boutique where no detail is superfluous. Most notable is the harmony of the whole, and the tranquil atmosphere that reigns within the store that was designed by architect-artist Tokujin Yoshioka. In addition to Miyake’s collections of both men and womenswear, the boutique also carries a selection of lines dedicated to accessories, eyewear and perfume.

Natural Inspirations

For his fall/winter 2017 collection, Issey Miyake gleaned inspiration from the spectacular beauty of the Aurora Borealis, expressed in the colourful nuances of his garments. Dresses, jackets and trousers, where the fabric changes colour, depending on the angle from which it is viewed, are finished in graceful textures, with ‘ultra suede’ strips woven into them. Several items employ the ‘baked stretch’ technique, which creates an optical effect expressing the powerful energy of electric plasma. Other garments convey an aurora-type shimmer through ‘steam stretch’, a technique whereby creases are woven into a piece of cloth using heat-reactive thread that shrinks when steamed.
Via Bagutta, 12
M1 (red line) – M3 (yellow line) Duomo

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