The Villa Milano Maison of fine jewellery is known for its expert craftsmanship, appreciated since 1876 by a certain Milanese clientele and an international public of celebrities and lovers of refined taste. Recently, as a tribute to creativity, it chose its new location, moving to the heart of Brera, in Via San Carpoforo. The architectural and design details of the new boutique are in perfect harmony with that certain discreet elegance typical of Milan and with the functionalist style that makes it a true calling card in the city.

The new location also marks the beginning of a path of stylistic renewal and experimentation, while remaining in line with the history of the Maison. The creative direction is entrusted to Alice and Francesca Villa, the fifth generation of the Maison, who together are the protagonists of major changes. First and foremost, the absolute novelty of opening to the public the workshop where Villa Milano’s creations are made, a space in front of the boutique in the courtyard of a railing palace. The boutique has thus become a place to meet customers in an authentic setting, allowing customers to follow the stages in the creation of their jewellery step by step. In this open workshop, two goldsmiths and two engravers are at work to create original high jewellery creations and interpret the wishes of the clientele.