Pusterla di Sant'Ambrogio

by Web Editor
Near the Basilica of Saint Ambrose is situated one of the old entrances to the city, the Pusterla di Sant’Ambrogio. This postern was originally erected as a lookout post in the 12th century. As centuries passed and with the creation of another wall during the 16th century, the Pusterla di Sant’Ambrogio was turned into a prison under the Spanish. Subsequently with centuries of natural deterioration and damage it was reconstructed in 1939 with original features. Above its entrance you will notice a tabernacle dating back to the 16th century and features images of three Saints: Ambrose, Gervasius and Protrasius.

Pusterla di Sant’Ambrogio
Via G. Carducci, 41
M2 Sant’Ambrogio

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