Are museums, restaurants, stadiums, hotels and stores open in Milan when the Coronavirus alert is on? If you are in Milan or have your trip to reach Lombardy already booked and scheduled, here you can find some useful answers and updates on the situation in Milan and in Lombardy.

Last updated on 1 May 2020

Around late February some cases of Covid-19 were detected – after China and other foreign countries – even in Milan and in Lombardy, making the region and the Italian Government opt for some safety rules to be adopted in the Lombard territory until 8 March. In our previous article, we had suggested some tips on what to do in Milan during the Coronavirus alert for those who had planned their trip in Italy to help them get the best of their journey even with stricter rules. Unfortunately, in Lombardy, Italy as well as in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY OF THE WORLD (as the virus in not just striking in Italy!!) a larger number of cases resulted positive to the COVID-19 tests, forcing the Italian Government to introduce stricter safety measures to prevent further transmission.

Going into more details, on 8 March Lombardy has been declared a “red zone”, and soon afterwards on 9 March the same decision was extended to whole Italy which means that until 3 May 2020 people cannot enter or exit the regions  if they don’t have the proven reason to do it. In Milan, but also anywhere else in the world, please remember to follow the key rules provided by the Italian Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore della Sanità) and by the World Health Organization on simple hygienic rules (see below).

Museums, cinemas, theatres and concert halls

After an official deliberation from the Italian Government from 8 March 2020, museums with all exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, cultural hubs, theatres, concert halls, and event locations including fairgrounds are closed to the public until 3 May to avid any further transmission. Professional sports matches and competitions are suspended too. Those who have booked tickets for exhibitions, live performances, football matches and other events can contact the provider of their ticket to ask possible ticket refunds or to switch dates – whenever possible.

Bars and restaurants

From 12 March bars and restaurants are closed to the wider public. However, delivery services are still operating. This means that you can have your favourite delicacies delivered straight to your home to prevent you from leaving your place.

Boutiques, department stores, shopping malls and supermarkets

Boutiques, outlets and department stores in accordance to the new regulations introduced on 12 March are closed. However, supermarkets and stores selling food and grocery, as well as pharmacies and smaller drugstores are open daily with no reductions on opening hours. Food and home products are restocked many times during the day every day, so there is no need to rush or to hurry. Also when shopping for food and grocery, please remember to keep the distance from other people, even when paying at the cash.

Gyms, spas, swimming pools and sports centres

For hygienic matters gyms, public spas and swimming pools are closed. Despite going out for a walk up to 200 metres from you home is allowed, it is not advised. According to the lastest safety rules issued by Italy’s Prime Minister on 12 March, indeed, all citizens are asked to remain at their homes and to leave them just for urgent and fundamental needs, such as food, health issues, medical checkups  or movements connected to work.

Planes and trains

Even though Lombardy and Italy are a “red zone”, trains and planes, as well as airports (except Milan Linate) and railway stations are still operating. Don’t worry if you happen to be in Milan during this period and need to come back to your hometown or country as, provided that you are not ill or don’t have a fever, you can still take your flight or train to return home.

Either you are moving on public transport – be it the underground, buses, trams and also trains – or on taxis and other mobility solutions you should follow these basic hygienic rules.
– wash you hands many times, with water and soap at least for 20 seconds
– avoid contact with people suffering from severe respiratory issues
– don’t touch your eyes, mouth and nose with your hands
– cover your mouth and nose if you happen to be coughing or sneezing
– do not take antibiotics or anti-viral medicines unless under a doctor’s prescription
– clean surfaces with alcohol or chlorine-based products
– use a mask only if you doubt being ill or assist ill people
– remember that Made in China products and boxes from China are not dangerous
– in case you travelled from China in the last 14 days and happen to have flu or cough, please contact T: 1500
– pets and animals, in general, do not take and transmit the virus