Are museums, restaurants, stadiums, hotels and stores open in Milan when the Coronavirus alert is on? If you are in Milan or have your trip to reach Lombardy already booked and scheduled, here you can find some useful answers and updates on the situation in Milan and in Lombardy.

Last updated on 1 September 2021

Following the first wave of COVID-19 in Italy, starting in March 2020, and the second wave that began in the autumn months, Lombardy, as well as all of Italy, is facing a number of positive cases. This has forced the Italian government to re-introduce a series of safety measures to contain the spread of the virus.

While the vaccination plan continues on a large scale, from 1 June, the Italian regions have been divided into yellow zones and white zones, with different levels of restrictions to prevent the virus.

At the time we write, 1 September, all Italian regions – with the exception of Sicily (yellow region) – are considered white regions.

Please remember that a mask must always be worn in enclosed spaces. The mask is no longer compulsory outdoors, as long as the distance of 1 metre between one person and another is respected. Beware, if you do not wear a mask you may be fined heavily.

Remember also to follow simple hygenic rules such as wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

The Green Pass: all you need to know

The Italian Green Pass is a digital or paper certificate featuring a dedicated QR code indicating that you are vaccinated or negative to a COVID-19 test. Going into more details, the Green Pass is issued if you are vaccinated (with two vaccinations for the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines, or with just one shot of Johnson and Johnson vaccine), recovered from Covid-19, or if you have tested negative for a swab within the previous 48 hours.

From 1 September 2021, the Green Pass in Italy in required – even if you happen to be in a “white region” – for:

– indoor dining at bars and restaurants;
– access to museums and exhibitions;
– attending shows open to the public, concerts, events and sports competitions;
– participate in indoor activities offered by cultural, social or recreational centres;
– taking high-speed and long-distance trains, getting on a plane or boat.

Museums, cinemas, theatres and concert halls

From 26 April 2021, in the yellow zones and white zones, shows open to the public in theatres, concert halls, cinemas, live-clubs and other premises or spaces, including open-air ones, are performed exclusively with pre-assigned seating and provided that the interpersonal distance of at least one metre is respected both. The capacity may not exceed 50 per cent of the maximum authorised capacity.

Reservations are strongly advised to avoid crowds. Since 6 August, the Green Pass is required.

Bars and restaurants

From 1 June 2021 bars and restaurants in white zones are open and allow consumption at the table both in the open air and inside the restaurant, at lunch and dinner. The maximum capacity at the table is 6 people per table.
Reservations for restaurants are strongly advised. Delivery services are still operating.
Bars are open for consumption both at the table and at the counter. The use of a mask in indoor spaces is compulsory at all times, except when drinking.

For indoor dining and consumption, the Green Pass is required.

Boutiques, department stores, shopping malls and supermarkets

Boutiques, outlets and department stores are open from Monday to Sunday. Supermarkets and stores selling food and grocery, as well as pharmacies and smaller drugstores are open daily with no reductions on opening hours. Food and home products are restocked many times during the day every day, so there is no need to rush or to hurry. Also when shopping for food and grocery, please remember to keep the distance from other people, even when paying at the cash.

Gyms, spas, swimming pools and sports centres

Open-air sports are allowed, such as running, walking, cycling and including contact sports. Outdoor swimming pools are open from 15 May 2021 while, gyms are open from 24 May. Please remember to always wear your mask while walking or reaching parks and open-air spots, as well as before starting your training.
Spas and thermal centres are open from 1 July, as well as themed parks.
Indoor swimming pools are also open.

Please remember that the Green Pass in compulsory to access indoor gyms, spas and swimming pools.

Sport events

From 1 June, the presence of the public is allowed at outdoor sporting events and competitions. Seats for non-residents must be spaced out and masks must be worn. The capacity may not exceed 25% of the maximum capacity and in any case may not exceed 1,000 people.

To attend sport competitions and events, the Green Pass is required from 6 August.

Planes, trains and boats

Trains and planes, as well as airports and railway stations are operating regularly. To take short-distance trains, including regional trains, it is not necessary to hold a Green Pass. A Green Pass is required for long-distance trains, planes and boats.
The Green Pass must be shown to the authorities during the security checks and before leaving the country.

Please remember that it is necessary to wear a mask for the duration of the journey and while at the station and airport.